Server Rules
All of these rules can change under the sole discretion of the admins for certain circumstances. For the most part these are wrote in stone and will not change.

Building Rules
✦1. You are not allowed to structure spam if you are not intended to build on any spots, this includes around other tribes bases unless you are going to raid them the same time you spamming on them.You may place foundations around your base to give you enough room for protection/expanding. if the location has already been taken and something is blocking them from building under the 24hours protection, you need to send a support ticket #support-ticket to remove those structures or ask the person who placed those structures to remove it. Keep structure spam inside the rendering distance of your base. Any spam outside of render distance from your base OR any spam that is excessive will be removed and you will be warned.Build at your Own Risk. You better be fast or else someone will take your spot.

✦:2. Invisible S+ Vacuum Compartments and Floating Structures are not allowed, especially Under Water. Each S+ Vacuum Compartment should have 1 visible wall unless you’re using it as your Underwater Base Or Dino Pen. If you get caught leaving Invisible S+ Vacuum Compartments Under Water or using any kinds of Floating Structures, then a warning will be given and the structures around that area will be Wiped. 2nd Warning will be automatically Banned.

✦3. Building in spots that are meshed are not allowed. Building in spots that you cannot get in and get out of easily with your character is also not allowed. (This includes using ziplines, teleporters, knocking out ,etc. to get in.)
✦4. You are also NOT ALLOWED to block/build or place turrets on Spawn/Respawn Locations. .(Bannable after first warning).

✦5. Only 1 tribe may build in a location. If multiple tribes are fighting over the location on wipe day who ever owns the majority of the area will own the location OR if it’s a cave who ever owns the entrance(s) will own the location, all other tribes will need to vacate the location.

✦6. You are Not allowed to spam the show Range Ring thing on any structures, This includes any structures that can caused the server to lag..

✦7. No building in rat holes! ( You have to be able to fit a ridden trike in the entrance, if you dont know if your base spot is considered a “rat hole”. create a support ticket and ask an admin).

Raiding/PVP Rules
✦8. Camping someone’s Base with a good amount of time is counted as Raiding. “GOOD AMOUNT OF TIME = Minimum of 30min” . Destroying someone’s structures using explosives or cannons close to their base are also counted as raiding. Soaking enemy turrets using your dinos is also counted as raiding. So there for Rule No.9 will be applied .

✦9. Raid Timer of 48 Hours. IF this time limit is reached the attacking tribe must give the defending tribe a 24 hour Break before they can attack them again. IF The raid is completed/wiped in less than the given time “48hours”, the attacking tribe must give the defending tribe their 24 hours break before they can attack them again. If the Defending tribe only got partially raided (not completely), they are also allowed to get 24 hours of Structure Protection from everyone. IF Wiped the Defending tribe is also allowed to get a 24hours Structure protection from everyone. IF You Wish to get Protection all you need to do is Sending a Support Ticket #support-ticket to the admins. Instruction on how to get 24hours Structure Protection are located on #50x-protection . NOTE: IF you forget to ask protection then that’s on you so Don’t forget to ask protection.

✦10. Counter or Team Raiding is ALLOWED. There for the First Attacking tribe Raid Timer will be Followed. Unless All of the Involved Tribe FOB has been Wiped, there for Rule #11 will be followed..

✦11. If the Attacking tribe FOB has been Wiped, and Never comeback to raid 2hours after the FOB been wiped, the raid timer of 48hours will be cancelled, and the defending tribe has a choice to either get a 24hours Structure Protection or Not. “Solid Proof is Needed”.

✦12. FOBs MUST be cleaned up 2 hours after the 48 hour raid timer has ended. If you don’t, your structures will be removed and you will be given a warning. .

✦13. If the Defending tribe has more than 1 base, You can only Raid the first Base you Attacked, so Pick Wisely.

✦14. Dick Quetzals ,Basilisk And Roll Rat Bombing or any sort of flyer and underground bombing is NOT ALLOWED, This includes flying towards a bases and Launching Rockets Are NOT ALLOWED.. Dick paracer/bronto/mosa/plesio are ALLOWED .(Placing C4 or Launching Rockets while riding a Land Dino Is ALLOWED).

✦15. You’re allowed to place random turrets for PVP purposes ONLY! but they must be REMOVED once you’re done. Under or Around The Oblisk are Exception. You are NOT ALLOWED to Place Turrets or Bring a Raft/Boat That has turrets on it on Any Oblisk.

✦16. You’re Not Allowed to Raid if you still have your Auto-Protection, You are Also Not Allowed to Raid a tribe With Protection., Protection needs to be removed before Raiding or Building your FOB. (See Rule no.8 for details on what we consider as Raiding)..

✦17. No Tunnel Raiding/Building. This Includes Building Below or Above some ones base in order to build walls up or downwards, and then building square tunnels using ceilings and walls to the defenders base walls in order to avoid turrets. is NOT ALLOWED Building Tower/structure/Big Ramps next to a base for the purpose of soaking their turrets is ALLOWED..

✦18. Do NOT cheat or exploit any Bug. (This Means Undermeshing Is NOT allowed) Jokes about undermeshing are taken as serious as doing it. So dont go around talking about doing it or joking about it or you may end up banned.

✦19. You Are not Allowed to use the “150 c4 CHARGES BUG”, this will be applied to the attacking and defending tribe. c4 should always be allowed to be placed anywhere around the map.

✦20. Mesh biting is NOT allowed!. Dinos thats on Neutral/Aggressive while Mesh Biting is also NOT Allowed. (If your dino/mek is hitting a structure or player/tame through a wall or piece of terrain, we consider that mesh biting.) The dino must be able to be ridden into that area without restriction. Example: whipping and/or teleporting into position is not allowed.

✦21. No Head Glitching of any sort. Specially when sniping, or Using any kind of weapon. Solid Proof is needed, If you dont know what HeadGlitching is please make a ticket and the admins will show you how an head Glitching works..

Platform Dinosaurs/Raft/Skiff
✦22. Do NOT Armor ANY Platformed dinosaurs and Hover Skiffs. Hatchframes or Anything big structures that can cover your Dinos are not Allowed. It should be visible and able to take damage from turrets on Any sides. Blocking the Rider on Platformed Dinos are Allowed, Except Hover Skiff, Rider/Pilot of Hover Skiff should be visible on any sides.

✦23. You Can Only Jail or Tranquilize a player for 30mins Per day.

Inside Raiding
✦24. Inside Raiding is considered demolishing/popcorning/killing all of your tribes structures/items/dinos. Inside raiding is also removing an alliance and raiding them after. Insiding is a bannable offense. Reliable proof and screenshots are needed in order to accuse someone of insiding.

✦25. DO NOT BE RACIST OR OVERLY TOXIC! We understand tempers will flare up but remember we’re a community.. don’t go overboard. (There is a certain line you just shouldn’t cross, upto admin discretion)

Teleporter Rules
✦26. No settings teleporters to public if its intended to kill players or trap other players. This includes placing turrets at someone else teleporter or aggressive dinos.

✦27. Anyone caught trying to loop hole the rules, will be warned or banned depending on what rule they tried to loop hole.

Tribe Rules
✦28. Do not try to abuse the protection system (No loop holes, report bugs!)

✦29. Respect the staff, The server wouldn’t be possible without them.

Where NOT to Build
✦Do NOT build under or Around on Any obelisk.
✦Do NOT build/block inside or outside the Lava Elemental Arena.
✦Do NOT build/block inside or outside the Ice Queen Labyrinth.
✦Do NOT build/block inside or outside the LifesLabyrinth/ Maze Arena.
✦Do NOT build or Block around Wyvern Pit.
✦Do NOT Build or Block the Viking Bay PearL Cave. anyone should get in an out safely.
✦Do NOT build under or Around on Any obelisk.
✦Do NOT build on Skull Island.
✦Do NOT build on Ice Castle and Iceberg/Ice Lake.
✦Do NOT build on the Big Lava Cave,”You Can Build on the Small Lava Cave”.
✦Do NOT build under or Around on Any obelisk.
✦Do NoT Block or Build Around any City Terminals.
✦Do Not Build or Block Where Titan Spawned. (This is a Must Rule.).
✦Do NOT build under or Around on Any obelisk.
✦Do NOT Build/Block Volcano Mountain.
✦Do NOT build/block the RedWood cave where alot of bugs on it.
Scorched Earth
✦Do NOT build under or Around on Any obelisk.
✦Do NOT build or Block around Wyvern Pit.
✦Do NOT build under or Around on Any Obelisk.
✦Do NOT Block or Build Around The Wyvern Pit Area.
✦Do NOT Block The Entrance Passages going down the Underwater World.
✦Do NOT Block The Entrance Passages going down the Aberration Map..
✦Do NOT Block or Build Inside or Around the Broodmother Cave..
✦Do NOT Block or Build Under or Around, on Any Obelisk Terminals.
✦Do NoT Block or Build Around Any of the Surface Entrances.
✦Do NoT Block or Build Around any Charge Nodes..
✦Do Not Block or Build Around the RockDrake Fit.
✦Do NOT Block or Build Under or Around, on Any Obelisk Terminals.
✦Do NoT Block or Build Around Any Mission Areas.
✦Do NoT Block or Build Around any Element Shard Farming Area.
✦Do NoT Block or Build Around any Entrances to the Magmasaur Cave.
✦You are NoT Allowed to Build Inside the Magmasaur Cave. Teleporters are Allowed.
✦Do NoT Block or Build Around the Lunar Cave.
Crystal Isles
✦Do NOT Block or Build Uder or Around Any of the Oblisk.
✦Do NOT Block or Build Around The Wyvern Pit Area
✦Do NOT Block or Build Around The Griffin Pit Area.
✦Do NOT Block or Build Around The Bee Hive Cave.

Failure to comply the Rules may lead to you getting banned from our server(s). Have Fun And Good Luck!